A proper home inspection goes through every major component of a home’s plumbing. This includes checking for leaks from both faucets and pipes. We have seen numerous instances of homeowners assuming that their plumbing is fine even though there is a slight drip in the faucet. The problem is, this could be a potentially large problem beneath the surface. Just recently, we saw a pipe burst after a few months of only showing minor dripping. There is no telling what is causing a leak unless a proper and thorough inspection takes place. Our home inspections go above and beyond, as we use our extensive history in fixing these issues to look for something that may be missed by another inspector without such experience.

We have done major plumbing repairs for many years for residents in the Frederick, MD area, and that allows us to offer a very unique home inspection. We not only go through the standard checklist for Maryland inspectors, but we also look for potential problems down the road. There is a large contingent of people who would be happy with a basic service, however the time and money that can be saved from a good inspection is well worth getting a proper job completed. With a winter storm on the brink, we expect frozen pipes to escalate, and therefore these potential hazards of dripping faucets and leaking pipes will only get worse after the winter is over. Do not wait! Check your house with a proper home inspection!

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