Do you have a heating & air conditioning issue in need of repair? Principal Home Services can help! With over 20 years of experience in repairing heating systems, there is no winter too harsh that we cannot help with. With the summer coming up, it is best to find any air conditioning problems that could pose a threat to cooling your house effectively. We find that there are many impending problems with Frederick homes- their HVAC system is out of date and could expire at any moment! Luckily, we also offer home inspection services that can expose potential problems for your heating & air conditioning system. If you think your system is getting old, then a home inspection might be right for you. If you know that your heat or AC is having problems, then we will make the repair.

In Frederick, Maryland, homeowners are used to having a strong sense of community. That is why we love servicing this area, as we have lived and based our company out of this area for many years. Many HVAC contractors will simply want to replace your system with something new- which can be a good idea in some cases, howvever this is also a more costly option. Principal Home Services is a handyman service company also, which means we specialize in making repairs and fixing problems before replacing them. This is a solid way to keep your costs low and get the most out of your home. Finding the right HVAC specialist is difficult, however if you are in the Frederick area, you can rely on your neighbor and we will gladly come out to you and provide a free estimate!

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